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This is the age of computers .Being updated with development of computer field we set your skills, so that you can pick up basic development of computer. For this purpose we have well-equipped fully air-conditioned labs. We have two computer labs with large number of computers for providing knowledge to students. One of our lab has internet facility and networking so that the faculties and students can keep themselves updated.

The state-of-art computer lab is another feather in the cap of Modern Group of Institutions, Jhansi. The Computer Lab consists of more than 180 networked Hewlett-Packard computers. All the computers are equipped with latest versions of various software’s including those present in the course. This lab satisfies the twin objectives of:-

  • Providing students the IT skills demanded in the ever-changing corporate scenario.
  • Creating an environment for sharing information and learning in electronic format by providing Internet facilities.

Our Computer Lab is fully geared up to fulfill special requirements of the students of all courses as well as to provide a stimulated business environment. It is equipped with branded Dual Core and Pentium IV computers on LAN running with a Pentium server networked in three different environments like windows 2000, XP and NT. All computers are multimedia ready and are networked to scanners and printers.

Apart from traditional software packages like Visual Basic, C, C++, DOS, MS-OFFICE etc, Visual Studio, Tally 7.2, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, Page Maker Dreamweaver, Front Page & many more. It offers front end technologies through a microprocessor lab and a digital electronic lab. The students are encouraged to follow up the technology like web-page design, e-com etc. The computers are available to the students for assignments as well as for project work. The lab remains open from early morning till late evening, six days a week.

Internet Facility: Access to the Cyber World Internet is the biggest source of information, a link to the world to know what is going on around us. We provide extensive global exposure to our students through hi-speed Broadband uplink. Our students use Internet for exchanging ideas and for updating themselves of the current needs. It also helps them in their project work and also in their assignments.

The campus is equipped with technologically advanced Wi-Fi system in all areas to facilitate the comfortable use of laptops and other equipments. An internet leased line by Airtel Telecom with 2 Mbps optical fibre network, ERP will be used to manage the system