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Chairman's Message

Dear Students, Staff and Parents:

Our Mission is to create multidisciplinary best students by providing excellent education in different streams viz. Arts, Science, Commerce, etc. All our students from different faculties are PROGRESSIVE (Passionate, Reliable, Outstanding, Genius, Responsible, Excellent, Studious, Sincere Innovative, Versatile, Enthusiastic).

The college provides education in faculties of Arts, Commerce and Science leading up to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph. D. degrees.

Students of our college undertake projects, which are relevant to the current academics, industries and research needs. These projects have helped students to apply their knowledge to real life situations. We are happy to say that our students are holding very good positions in different companies, institutions and government bodies.

Our young, experienced and enthusiastic team of teachers is always keen to help and guide the students to achieve the highest standard of performance. They are well qualified both in academic and practical terms. This obviously ensures smooth and efficient learning environment.

We expect all our students to have a high quality experience and skill while studying with us. For that, we are committed to provide our learning community the best of the best that fulfills the aspirations and goals of their life.

We encourage our students to realize their potential and make them equipped in all ways to face the challenges of the present competitive world.


Dr. Rohin Viswanathan